Income Tax e-filing through e-mudhra DSC

Discussion in 'Tax' started by amitava, Jul 25, 2015.

  1. amitava

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    Dear friends, I am a DDO in a Govt. establishment. I am trying to e-file using e-mudhra DSC which has been provided for submission of bills through e-Pradan module.
    But, the website ( showing an error message "invalid DSC. invalid key usage. contact your DSC provider".
    Have anyone filed IT return using e-mudhra DSC?
    Plz. let me know.
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  2. asif

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    @amitava: Did you try efiling for your personal income tax return or it was for the post of ddo? For personal use, the DSC token will not work.

    If for office use, you may hire income tax return professionals as per govt rule.
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