INCORRECT / LESS GPF Interest sent by AI Office.

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    Dear Colleagues,
    A few days ago we found out that the GPF Interest sent by AI Office for the Financial Year 2012-13 is wrong and less than the actual Interest earned during that year(e.g. actual interest should be Rs. 3245.00 but Rs. 3235.00 was sent by the AI Office; an error of Rs. 10.00) It was suggested by some that we have to divide and bear the loss among ourselves. But then this incorrect amount will be repeated every year and we have to bear the loss till our retirement.
    Please suggest the procedure to rectify the error.
    G. Biswas
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    Suggestion by some one is wrong. Please submit the scan copy of GPF Claculation.
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    Thank You Sir for your reply.
    I'm sending you the picture of the GPF Ledger.
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    At first I want to say that, now,there is no before 15th and after 15th. All subscription will be before 15th. So, why you paid Rs. 16000/- in the first month,I can not understand. There is another wrong, in case of monthly interest comes, say in the 3rd month it will be 517.54 instead of 517.55, 576.21 instead of 576.22 etc. From 2006-07 , generally we get our school's salary before 15 th day of the month. is not it? So, it is may be wrongly posting after/before.
    If you have paid Rs 8000/- per month then your P.F. account will be as follows-
    Thanks a lot.

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