Increment for Non B.Ed Teachers

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  1. chandan49

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    Is there any G.O. regarding teachers may take increment upto 2012 though being non trained?
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    Thanks Som for the GO.
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    Som deserves a Post Like for this; only 'thanks' is not fare. ;)
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    You are welcome Goutam. Lol Admin. Thanks.

    SIBABRATA Novice

    What about those in service teachers who don't have the 50% marks in Graduation / PG and already have done service for a period of more than five years and are not getting the admission to undergo B. Ed.?

    Can anybody put a solution?
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    Is there any G.O bearing No 181SE (B) para 5D dt 08.10.2009 according to ROPA 2009 mentioning that the untrained teacher will get 5 increment in place of first 4 increment during his first 6 year of service.
  9. som

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    I am quoting the said para below.
    As per Ropa,09 one have to complete minimum 6 months of Service on 1st July. In view of the above the number of increment will depend on the date of entry into service.

    You may have a look at the entire order at this link.
  10. Is there any G.O regarding teachers may take increments up to 2015 through being untrained.
  11. mihiracharya

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    No. now increment is allowed as normal. Withing 5 years of appointment B.Ed degree should be done and result will have published.
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