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    My name is Sardar Rab Nawaz. I'm appointed as a Head Teacher in Rahmania F.P. School, a primary school in Asansol circle under Burdwan District Primary School Council. I'm a permanent resident of Dumraiya Mohalla, Railpar, Asansol-713302. My age is 51 years and I am married.
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    Welcome Mr. Nawaj,

    We are all friends here. Please feel free to participate in various discussions. <!-- s:welcome: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_wave.gif" alt=":welcome:" title="Welcome" /><!-- s:welcome: -->
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    i am sumantra

    hello everybody, i am sumantra from paschim medinipur district. i am a primary teacher from sadar west circle. i am a assistant teacher.
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    Re: i am sumantra

    welcome mister <!-- s:thanks: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_thumbup.gif" alt=":thanks:" title="Thank You" /><!-- s:thanks: -->
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    I am Deb , a retired teacher from kolkata . May I seek clarification regarding a relative's
    medical leave before the sudden declaration of extended summer leave this Year ?
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    Hello Deb. Welcome to this forum. Would you please elaborate your query so that some of us may help you. Otherwise you may search here for different topics. Thanks.

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