Leave in the time of madhyamik examination

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  1. atanumandal

    atanumandal Member

    Please tell me the conditions by which any assistant teacher can take leave in the time of madhyamik examination? Please provide the g.o. also.
  2. mihiracharya

    mihiracharya Staff Member

    No. It may be possible by getting of permission of HM/TIC
  3. atanumandal

    atanumandal Member

    Thanks.But if i booked a journey earlier than the madhyamik schedule was declared.
  4. gpgarain

    gpgarain Following You. Staff Member

    If your school is a centre for Madhyamik Exam, your HM is the only authority who can allow you to take leave during that period as @mihiracharya said. So it is all up to your HM. Keep in mind that invigilation to MP is a bounden duty and you should reschedule your journey, if your HM is not convinced to allow you to take leave during that period. By the way, you had had enough time to do that as Madhyamik Exam was scheduled much earlier.
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  5. atanumandal

    atanumandal Member

    Thank you.

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