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    Plz send me a format of mc resolution for b.ed
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    If you are the teacher to be sent on deputation, it's not a matter for you to get bothered about. Yet, there are some points which you must know. The clause which will refer to the subject-matter of approval of your deputation will comprise the following points: i) the name, ii) type of post you are currently appointed to, iii) deputation for what purpose, iv) whether the 'bond' will be signed, etc.
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    You apply to your school authourity ( to the Sec. cum H.M.) seeking permission to take admission in B.Ed. Take a received copy. In an M.C. meeting the school authority will take a resolution about it. Then the H.M. submit the resolution to the concerned D.I.S along with the forwarding letter, your application(accepted and forwared to take necessary action), NOC, Approval Letter, Qualifications and other relevant papers. The DIS will countersigned on this resolulation.
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    Now more than two teachers may be allowed for deputation who taught from class V to XII. Find the order copy.

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