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    A pupil made registration in 2007 & allowed in class X test exam in 2008. but didn't appear at MP-2009. Now , what is the procedure for appearing at MP exam. Pls clarify.
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    His registration will remain intact as per the information provided by the school. Then the procedure is as follows:
    1. He will have to contact the school and submit an application showing proper causes for his absence (in the exam) in the previous year.
    2. The school will again call him to fill up the necessary form (Student information).
    3. He will then appear in the exam with his already allotted Reg. No and Roll No. (as per the Admit card of the previous year).
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    if a student finds his/her date of birth mismatch with school records (both primary & high school) and birth certificate just before the registration for mp and wants to rectify the mistake- what will be the procedure?
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    Ask the student to proceed to the Primary School with the Birth Certificate. The school will make correction in their Admission Register and issue a fresh Certificate with corrected DOB. Now proceed the High School with this Certificate. The High School will make correction in their Admission Register and send Corrected DOB for Registration.
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    If a candidate misses 3 consecutive years of MP after registration (here he was to appear at MP,2009, so count 3 years as 2009,10 &11) and now wants to appear at MP again, the School Authority will have to approach the Board (with the candidate's application showing sufficient cause) for special permission.
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