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    My wife joined school on November 2013 as an assistant teacher at high school under WBBSE/WBCHSE school. Post was additional but retention/confirmation done after two years of service. She is now under going B.Ed course (regular, under deputation) for two years (2016-2018 session), released from school on July 2016 and tentative date of joining the school is July 2018. Now she is pregnant and the tentative delivery date is 08/06/2018. As she is being released for school and not in under the school authority, joining the school after the birth of child is she eligible for MATERNITY LEAVE in this case? I did not find correct explanation from anyone. Please help me and tell me whether she will enjoy the benefit of maternity leave or not. If yes/no please provide me the GO.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Only after the deputation period is over, she can avail maternity leave.

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    Thank you very much.
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    As far as I know the last exam. will be completed and released on 30/06/2018. Then how she will be appeared/ completed her exam. if her tentative date of delivery fall on 8/6/18 ? (That is another question)
    She should join school on 2/7/18 (1st July Sunday ) can avail the rest days of maternity leave from School.
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    Still today I don't know the release date for joining school. WBUTTEPA, a new university, till now don't declare the release date. The last date of final semester exam is scheduled on 04/06/18. If she complete her exam before delivery (tentative delivery date 08/06/18) and then delivery occurs in release period, is she eligible for maternity leave??
    Many person said that if delivery occurs in release period she will not get the benefit of maternity leave.
    If eligible please give the GO no. and date. If possible provide me the GO in PDF format.
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    After delivery Maternity Leave cannot be availed.
  7. mbhunia

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    Maternity Leave must start on or before date of delivery.
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