Memo No.- 808(30), dated: September 19, 2000.

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  1. Can anyone provide me details of this memo no 808(30), dated: September 19, 2000.? Please...........
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    Without the matter related or indication of department, the Memo No. may not be possible to provide.
    "808(30), dated: September 19, 2000."- in which matter/subject?
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  3. Mihir Babu......please provide me a g.o in details regarding duties and responsibilities of a school clerk.
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    Pls give g.o about duties of school lab attendant
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    Lab technicians in schools support the work of science teachers and science students. They set up the equipment needed to conduct school science lessons, and ensure that students are able to safely use the equipment provided. Find out more about the essential role of the laboratory assistant in schools, and discover how to work as laboratory assistants.
    GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES: Assists Science Teacher(s) in high school laboratory;
    does related work as required.
    DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASS: Under general supervision, this position
    assists the Science Teacher in implementing a science laboratory program for high school
    students. The position requires an aptitude for the sciences, especially chemistry. A nominal
    amount of clerical work is part of this position. Supervision is not a responsibility of this position.
    EXAMPLES OF WORK: (Illustrative Only)
    Assists in setting up laboratory equipment for science class;
    Assists Science Teacher in testing out new laboratory experiments prior to classroom
    Assists students in usage of laboratory equipment;
    Maintains inventory of laboratory equipment and supplies;
    Informs Science Teacher as to when new supplies and equipment is needed;
    Keeps laboratory equipment clean and in good working order;
    Collects and distributes textbooks, materials.
    science field, especially chemistry; ability to establish good rapport with teachers and students;
    clerical aptitude; ability to maintain discipline; tact; courtesy; good judgment; physical condition
    commensurate with the duties of the position.
    college or university with a Bachelor's Degree in the field of scienc
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    As with many other clerical jobs, a school clerk may have to take on a lot of duties and responsibilities, so he or she has to be both mentally and physically ready for the challenge. The range of duties however varies from school to school, from simple attendance clerks to office managers. In any case, the majority of the responsibilities are related to secretarial work, thus candidates are screened for certain abilities related to this field of work.

    School clerk duties

    In most schools, the main task of a school clerk is maintaining accurate student attendance in order to provide relevant information to the teachers, school administrators and the school district recording. In doing so, the clerk has to keep record of all the absent slips in each classroom at the beginning of the day, to issue tardy permission slips, off-campus and hall passes and to review any excuse note received, determining its authenticity. All the information is periodically reported, thus providing the teachers and administrators with an overview of each student's attendance record, helping them take corrective measures if necessary. Additionally, a school clerk may have to take on the task of maintaining the entire student database records, being responsible even for enrolling and transferring students.

    In some cases, the school clerk has to take on greater responsibilities, similar to those of an office manager. He or she may have to perform a wide range of secretarial work, managing the administrative office, taking in calls, arranging appointments and meetings, receiving visitors, processing documents and materials, organizing confidential files, etc. In other words, the school clerk has to assist the administrator in each task, perform clerical functions and respond to any inquiries of the staff, parents, students and public.

    In rare cases, a school clerk has to perform nursing tasks as well, such as administrating first aid and medication to students, keeping a record of students' special health problems, maintaining an inventory of health office and first aid kit supplies.
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    Pls provide any wb govt.G.O. about the duties and responsibilities of school lab attendants
  9. is the annual increment is admissible in probation period after completion of 11 month without passing type test?

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