Missing of MP Certificate - Procedure of Duplicate

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    if the M.P. certificate is lost, what to do ; wher is the prayer to be submitted ; Board Head Office or Regional Office ? pls, guide at the earliest.
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    1. First of all, write an application to the IC of local police station for lodging a general diary.
    2. Get this application forwarded by the HM of the school from where you passed the MP exam (unless the HM forwards the application, the Police Station may not take the diary).
    3. Go to the police station and lodge a general diary.
    4. Come back to the school again and fill up the requisite form for duplicate certificate (find the attachment for the form) and get it forwarded by the HM on it.
    5. Now go to the Regional Office of the Board with this form, pay the requisite fees and submit the form along with the document of fees deposited to the board and xerox copy of the certificate, if available.
    6. After few days collect the duplicate certificate from the Board's Regional Office.
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    thanx a lot

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