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Discussion in 'Opinion' started by asif, May 27, 2015.

  1. asif

    asif Staff Member

    I liked the concept of point system.:)
    It is very nice. To be frank, I often check my position and compare with others. I always watch my nearest competitors.;)

    Do you think the same way I do?
  2. sourishjal

    sourishjal Staff Member

    An innovation by our dear friend nemo.
  3. soumadeep

    soumadeep Active Member

    How can I gain more points here??:rolleyes:
  4. asif

    asif Staff Member

    @soumadeep : Go to your profile and click External Accounts. There connect with facebook, twitter and google+ and get 3 points at ease; provided you have all those accounts i.e. facebook, twitter and Google Plus.

    How to get more likes?
    Put quality content.
    Like other people's content so that they also like your content.:D

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