Mutual Transfer for derecognised School Teacher

Discussion in 'Transfer' started by Manik Tudu, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. Manik Tudu

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    Sir,my school ,as it is heard ,will be derecognised very soon but no order has been received yet.we were asked to provide option for school on this purpose by D .I .S.But my school is not yet been derecognised or nothing is received of that H.M is telling me that I can't get mutual transfer as I have given option for different school and she is not willing to sign too.
    My question is ,am I eligible for mutual transfer? Is there any order for this?
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  2. Manik Tudu

    Manik Tudu Novice

    Please someone reply me.its urgent.
  3. Manik Tudu

    Manik Tudu Novice

    Please someone look at my problem.
  4. asif

    asif Staff Member

    "Giving Option to different School" - what does it mean?
  5. Manik Tudu

    Manik Tudu Novice

    It means option of different junior or high school under the same D may be govt aided or sponsored.both Acharya sadan and D I said it is not a problem for mutual transfer. both of them(H M) are harassing me for NOC.They are telling me "unless you bring your partner we will not give you NOC.My partner works in Malda and I am in North 24 pgs.Both of said they have no objection regarding NOC but I have to bring my partner.after talking with the partner they will decide whether to give NOC or not.Since distance is a factor for my partner and she has a one year child.she won't be able to come,it means 3-4 days CL .what to do?

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