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Discussion in 'Opinion' started by pratap karmakar, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. It would be better if registered members are allowed to share personal photo, video and interact online.
  2. nemo

    nemo Staff Member

    Thank you for your suggestion.

    Registered members can add photo in Chit Chat section. There is no problem. But adding video may need huge server space.

    Are you suggesting a Chat system for interacting online?
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  3. Sachin Rath

    Sachin Rath Novice

    Public video like Youtube?
  4. nemo

    nemo Staff Member

    That can be implemented, where members can share youtube videos here and that will be associated with their user account.
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  5. gpgarain

    gpgarain Following You. Staff Member

    @ nemo

    1. I really miss the "go to last post" link on these pages
    View unanswered posts
    View unread posts
    View new posts
    View active topics

    2. Is the topic "WBXPress Community Guidelines" really locked?
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  6. amitava03244

    amitava03244 Novice

    My suggestion is that please enlist our department WRIDD and post about that department
  7. mihiracharya

    mihiracharya Staff Member

    @ nemo, Like our member, gpgarain , I also want to get back the previous options. But I have not seen feedback from your ends. Please do so or inform about it.
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