No MC resolution taken after successful completion of B. Ed.

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    I have successfully completed my B. Ed. degree in DISTANCE MODE in 2012 with prior permission from MC. I prayed for examination leave and study leave through letter time to time to MC. But after 2 years, no resolution have been taken by MC regarding this matter and no special leave is given for completion of B. Ed. degree. Only yearly increment is normally given without any disturbance.
    Is there any problem arises during and/or after retirement of my service? If this is true, then how can I move to solve this problem? Is there any legal support needed for settlement of this matter?
    Please give me valuable suggestions.
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    First of all I would like to congratulate you for your success. As you said, that you have taken the permission from the M.C to pursue B.ed course through distance mode of education. But was the permission of the concerned D.I/S(SE) sought? D.I/S(SE)'s permission is mandatory for this case as it is related to financial benefit. If the permission was not taken at that time, don't waste time. Pray to the D.I/S(SE) immediately. The M.C should take unanimous resolution regarding your B.Ed result and continuation/resumption of normal annual increment. Not only that the last date of exam must be noted in your service book. You must preserve your exam schedule for future needs. AS far as your leave is concerned, this kind of leave (B.ed in distance mode i.e, for non deputed candidates) can only be sanctioned by the WBBSE. So pray to them with proper papers.

    Thank you.

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