No trace of Arrear document (after B.Ed.) at A.I. office. What to do?

Discussion in 'Grievance' started by sourishjal, Apr 25, 2015.

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    Like all the other B.Ed. pass-outs in the session 2013-14 I, too, applied for the arrears of salary after the publication of B.Ed. results with necessary documents through my school authority on 06.02.2014. But recently after having not been allotted the same unlike all the other applicants when I enquired about the matter to the concerned authority at the A.I. office, it was found that only my documents were missing.Even the concerned authority seems to rub the hands off the entire matter. None of the office is giving me a concrete answer either. The matter has really embarrassed me. Now, what shall I do? How shall I proceed any further about the matter? One thing is sure, I want to see the last of it. For, I smell something uncanny about it. One thing which goes against me is that the official who submitted the documents to A.I. office did not acquire the receipt of submission. Please give me a suggestion.
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    Want to know:-
    1) Is salary of the school submitted on line by the school authority?
    2) What was your last date of examination?
    3) In which date you received your pass certificate?
    4) It is not possible to give answer details - Date of joining, date of stopped increment, last date of B.Ed examination, Mood of B.Ed, If O.D.L.
    5) You will not get previous arrears. ( For exam.- due to lack of B.Ed degree, your increment has stopped 2 years, and your result published within 2nd January to 28th February,2015, then you will not received arrears for last 2 years.
    If you passed in O.D.L Mode, and your last date of examination is 18/1/2015 then, then you may claim your arrears from March, 2015. Your school will calculate and submit the same on line. But the previous amount ( from 19th Jan. to 28th Feb.15, will be claimed by manually.
    Thanks a lot.

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