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    1. what is the basic difference between normal post and additional post?
    2.whether additional post is S.S.M created post?
    3.what is the merits and demerits of additional post?
    4.After retention by D.I (additional post) whether it is permanent post or not?
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    1) Normal Post means- Previous Sanctioned Post at the opening the school, for example, in a Madhyamik School the number of normal post is 12 including H.M. There is no difference of Basic Pay between Normal post and Additional post.
    2) No.
    3) According to the increase of roll strength of the students and the existing number of teacher ratio, SED sanctioned new post for that school. Appointee of an Additional post can take only CL upto retention ( 2 years) period. But there is no bar to take maternity leave. Such a few minor criteria may maintained by the teacher.
    4) Yes, this post be permanent but the name of post (Additional) be kept.
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