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Discussion in 'Provident Fund' started by amitava, Jul 26, 2015.

  1. amitava

    amitava Active Member

    The existing system of giving requisition to the A.G. Bengal for annual GPF A/C slips is very backdated. News have come that system for providing online A/C slips is in process . But, don't know when it will be implemented.
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  2. asif

    asif Staff Member

    Eagerly waiting for this service. Glad to know that the process has already been started. Hope it be available this year.:)
  3. g_patra

    g_patra Member

    A colleage of mine, told me that Online-PF may be started in NOV-2015 in Howrah (for SE)
  4. gpgarain

    gpgarain Following You. Staff Member

    The process of data capturing is going on at present. The online system of PF (EPF) is expected to be introduced from the December,15 or January, 2016 (For Schools in Birbhum).
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  5. amitava03244

    amitava03244 Novice

    Is there any news about group D staff for Online PF slip.
  6. md rizwan

    md rizwan Novice

    how can i check my pf balance online?
    pls reply

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