Primary School Teacher Transfer (Inter-District)

Discussion in 'Transfer' started by subirs77, Aug 12, 2014.

  1. subirs77

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    Hello All,

    My wife is working as primary school teacher in coochbehar and we have applied for a inter district transfer a long time back. And after waiting for a long long time we got the approval letter from APC bhavan, Kolkata.

    Now we have submitted all the papers in both district for appointment and release. And they told me to visit after few days. Now when i head next time to them they told me that approval letter is sent to Bikash bhavan(Edu minister) for an approval.

    Now i am very confused and annoyed about the condition. And wonder is no one is telling me about exact reason, why the approve letter is again need a approval, although i did not see any such rule or G.O anywhere.

    If any body knows about this, and have any idea. Please let me know.

    Thanks in advance
    Subir Saha
  2. nemo

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  3. subirs77

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    Re: Primary school teacher transfer (inter-district)

    Thanks for the link but i knew this link...My question was can anybody knows about this new policy for transfer.
  4. b_roy

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    Can any friend please give update about the inter district transfer of primary teacher at theis moment? Is it running or stopped for the moment and who is controlling this at the moment- is it WPPBE at APC bhavan or WBSED at bikash bhavan?
  5. tapas999

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    The transfer process is now ongoing. Neither WBBPE nor WBSED is controlling this transfer. It is being controlled by the respective District Primary Council and being monitored by WBBPE.
  6. b_roy

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    Friend please tell me if who is taking decision about INTER-DISTRICT TRANSFER ( when the case has been sent to the WBBPE). Is it running? And please tell me how is it monitored?
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  7. Raju2803

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    Friends...if anybody knows please post the procedure of inter council transfer...
  8. b_roy

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    @Raju2803 Friend for inter- district transfer as an assistant teacher you need to fill up a proforma(may be collected from the respective DPSC) with an application(five set). These has to be submitted at the S.I office. S.I. of schools shall forward 3 copy to the chairman Of your DPSC. of your present DPSC will forward to 2 copy to the chairman of the DPSC where you seek transfer. Then 1 copy will be sent to the secretary of WBBPE from that DPSC. After completing procedure the case will be sent to bikash bhavan and when it is approved secretary will direct the DPSC where you seek transfer) to appoint you in the proposed school. It's a lengthy process.
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  9. Jit Karmakar

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    Can you please tell me what was written in the latter which was issued from apc bhavan and does your latter have memo number present in it
  10. bikash kumar

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    Myself , Bikash Kumar , is an Assistant Teacher in Panagarh (BARDHAMAN), seeks mutual transfer near Kolkata ,North 24 Parganas , Hoogly & Howrah . Kindly contact to this no 7003xxxxxx. if it’s deem feaseble
  11. RunaSaren

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    I am Runa Saren ,ast. Teacher of sokna free primary school, circle- kanksa-1, Burdwan district, want to change durgapur-1, m/no-9635XXXXXX.
  12. Arpan Ray

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    I Arpan Ray , teacher of Dakshin Kalsara F P School ,near Kadambaghachi , Circle: Dattapukur ,North 24 pgs. Want transfer near Nabadwip, Nadia. Phone:8346XXXXXX

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