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  1. An employee got his promotion and moved to PB-4 (9000-40500) GP 4600 on October'2016.
    As on October'2016 his BP is 9920 & GP is 3900
    Plz guide for fixation.....
    From when fixation should be done to avoid any loss
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  2. nemo

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    Old Basic on 01.10.2016 -> 9920+3900=13820
    After Promotion on 01.10.2016 -> 10340+4600=14940
    Next increment on 01.07.2017.
    Fixation should be done on the date of promotion for maximum benefit.
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  3. Thank you so much !
    I was thinking so.
    But somebody is saying that the fixation should be done from 01.01.2017
    His logic is that the incumbent was awarded increment on 01.07.2016 that is why the incumbent should not be awarded promotional increment on October'2016
  4. nemo

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    ... if the date of entitlement falls during 1st July to 1st January, the employee after having the benefit of one additional increment, on the date of entitlement, will get annual increment on the next 1st July, but if the date of entitlement falls during 2nd January to 30th June, the employee after having the benefit of one additional increment, will not be entitled to the annual increment on 1st July of the same year; he/she will,however, get the annual increment on the 1st July of the next year.

    Ref: Clarification of benefits as per ROPA,09 (School Education)
  5. Thank you so much ! You are really very hhelpful sir.
    One more help plz !
    An employee has Completed eight years of service on Feb'2016 and opted to avail the MCAS benefit on 01.07.2016.Plz help for pay fixation in detail. Specially what the IR will be from July'2016

    Pay as on Feb'16
    BP - 8300 ; GP - 2600
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  6. nemo

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    You are most welcome.

    Basic Pay as on 01.02.2016 -> 8300+2600 = 10900
    Normal increment on 01.07.2016 -> 8630+2600 = 11230
    Another increment for MCAS on 01.07.2016 -> 8970+2600 = 11570
    Jump to next Grade Pay for MCAS on 01.07.2016 -> 8970+2900 = 11870

    Next increment on 01.07.2017
  7. But what the Interim Relief will be ?
    863 or 897 ?
    This is my confusion !
    Even I am confused about IR of that employee about whom I have asked the first question in this thread !
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  9. Thanks a lot !
  10. s sherpa

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    I have a query about MCAS, giving details
  11. Mr. Serpa plz provide
  12. MONDAL G.P.

    MONDAL G.P. Novice

    I like to say in this cases opted 1st July 1 normal increment +1 promotional increment . if non functional promotion.
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  13. anupsaha1977

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    I have a question. Suppose one has 10 years' benefit on 24 th February 2018 .will he get the promotional benefit July same year in addition to normal increment ?plz answer.
  14. anupsaha1977

    anupsaha1977 Novice

    What is recasting on service book ? Plz inform .
  15. mihiracharya

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    Yes, at first s/he will get 10 years of benefit on 1.7.18, then will get normal increcent on same date.
    There is no need to spl. recast. As usual in the room of increment (reason for termination) will be written as...10 yes benefit is awarded on 24.02.2018 but cash benifit awarded w.e.f. 1.7.2018 as per ROPA-2009.
    Next line of the service book, will be written as usual for normal increment.
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