Promotion of Retired Employee

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    my father was serviced in water resources development department(WRIDD). He was first appointed as Assistant Operator. Then he got promotion as Operator cum Mechanic. Almost two hundreds employee got that promotion. But my father didnot got the facility of pay structure, he didnot get anytype of Arrear when all other employee got those facility. Then my father was died in 2005 and i appointed under compassionate ground. So how can know or get about my father promotion facility. As a proof i have those document. Please reply.
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    @amitava03244: Whereas 200 of your fathers colleague got promotion, then why your father did not?
    I think you can not claim any benefit now. Its too late.
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    First locate the Promotion Order then check with the Signatory thereafter your father's pay bill where drawn contact with them and do as they directed.
  4. Though it is very late, even if you can collect the promotion order of 200 employees and the copy of service book of your father then a clue may be drawn. Ot

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