Provision of LIEN for secondary school teacher??

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    I am a PG Teacher in a WB Govt. sponsored HS school since 2007. Now I have been selected as PGT in Kendriya Vidyalaya. Both the post have the same Grade Pay (4800), but the Post at Kendriya Vidyalaya has higher initial Basic(18150) compared to WB Govt. sp. School(15960).
    Now , can I get a LIEN over my present post??
    As per my knowledge, latest circular in this matter in WB Govt. Finance Dpt Order No.- 5225F date: 1995. Is this order applicable to Govt. aided/sponsored school teachers as well?
    Please clarify and oblige.

    BAPPA GHOSH Novice

    Yes you can avail the LIEN facility....

    After completing 2 yrs of satisfactory job in gov't aided/sponsored school....u can avail this....give a prayer to HM/MC...before 15 issue...

    U can call me to know more in details -990307XXXX
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    A teacher or non-teaching employee seeking permission to serve in HIGHER POST in other recognized institution or college within WEST BENGAL or to accept other service within WEST BENGAL where teaching experience is essential, may be granted Lien (EOL) without pay for a period, not more than 2 years (1 year + 1 year).
    Thanks a lot.
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  4. Mihir sir far I know...lien 2 years is 1 year + 6 month + 6 I right or I need to update my information... please let me know.. thanks
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    1 year + 1 year =2 Years, for your information, when an employee do not returns to his previous post within his sanctioning period of lien (1 or 1+1) then, it may be consider the post is vacant.
  6. Thanks

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