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Discussion in 'Opinion' started by Asit Baran Pal, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. Dear friends,
    At first I beg to offer my heartiest congratulation of all the members of this Community on account of Diwali. My earnest request to my friends, please read all the discussion attentively before posting a new topic. I am a long absentee due to my eye sight problems. Some of valuable points have been discussed previously in details. So no need to post a new topic, write your comments and queries on the same subject & same place. Don't mind, take care, with regards.
  2. nemo

    nemo Staff Member

    Welcome back dear friend. We missed you a lot. :)

    To avoid multiple topic on the same subjects, recently two steps have been taken.

    1. Before submitting a new topic members are offered to view similar topics on the same subject.
    2. While reading a topic, similar topics are displayed at the bottom of the page; so that after going through relevant topics, members could decide whether any further topic should be created or not.

    I think these two modifications may solve the purpose.

    N.B: These steps are to avoid duplicate topics; we are not discouraging our members to discuss / create new topic.
  3. b_roy

    b_roy Well-Known Member

    Friends, please DO NOT make duplicate topic/post of your query or opinion. Sometime some of our friends are making same topic/post is repeatedly post. I think it is done for the URGENCY of the query but duplicate or repeated post may not help for quick reply instead it may break the course of discussion on the topic. The author may post reminder in the topic. (I think the bump option is not available anymore).
    More and more participation of my friends in this family is heartily solicited to make this forum more helping and lively.

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