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    At present, I have been working as a clerk in a Govt. Aided high school. I have not completed 2 years tenure i.e. my post status is still as a temporary staff. Recently I have got a better chance in Central government(in term of pay and designation). I am a bit confused about the resignation procedure. If you kindly aware me of few queries then it will be very helpful to me. These are:

    i) Should I give a prior notice of my resignation? If yes, then how many days before I have produce the resignation notice?

    ii) If my school authority refuse to grant my resignation, then what should I do?

    iii) Is there any problem if I send my resignation letter through registered post?

    Thank you, Sir.
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    Generally one should submit his/her resignation letter before 1 month's notice ( If you fail to submit it before 1 month, the School Authority may not pay you the last months salary). Don't forget to take a receipt of it. If you have the receipt, you won't face any problem in future. If the HM refuses to give you the receipt copy, you may send the resignation through Registered Post. Remember, in any circumstances, the school cannot restrain you to join the new post, provided you have any obligation or outstanding loan to the school. Thank you.

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