Signing of Bond before going for B. Ed. Training from School

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    Can any body let me know, whether there is any Government Order for signing a bond for 3 years before going to B. Ed. training in case of Assistant Teacher.
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    Yes, as per G.O. No. 490-SE(S)/2P-01/2009, dated 11.05.2009, the teacher have to submit a written undertaking to serve the institution not less than 3 years after completion of B.Ed.
    Here is the said G.O.

    Government of West Bengal
    School Education Department
    (Secondary Branch)​

    No. 490-SE(S)/2P-01/2009, dated the 11th May, 2009.


    The matter of extending the facility of undergoing training of Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) or its equivalent to the untrained Assistant Teachers of Recognised Aided Non-Government Educational Institutions in privately managed/self financed Institutes/Universities (Regular or Distance Education mode) has been under active consideration of this Department.

    As per clause (1) of Memo No. 982-Sc/G dated 07-03-1968 some institutions have been specified for obtaining training on deputation. The Governor is pleased hereby to clarify that privately managed institutions as well as institutions imparting the said training through correspondence or distance mode shall be treated in similar manner provided the said training is approved by the National Council of Teacher Education (NCTE). All other terms and conditions stipulated in the above mentioned Memo including submission of written undertaking from the deputed teacher to the sponsoring institution for serving a period not less than three years after completion of B.Ed. training shall be fulfilled.

    In case of the untrained Assistant Teacher of the Recognised Aided Non-Government Educational Institutions pursuing the said training from privately managed institutions the mode of payment of pay and allowances as admissible to him shall be through the concerned School Authority on production of certificate from the Head of the Training Institution to the effect that the deputed teacher is undergoing the said training programme regularly.

    It is further clarified that the cost of training in privately managed in institutions (regular or distance education mode) shall be borne by the trainee teacher.

    By order of the Governor

    Sd/- K. John Koshy.
    Addl. Chief Secy. to the Govt. of West Bengal
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    Can this order (490-SE(S)/2P-01/2009, dated the 11th May, 2009) restrict an assistant teacher from mutual transfer also 490-SE(S)/2P-01/2009, dated the 11th May, 2009
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    I want to know the contents of the G. O. No. 982-Sc/G dated 07-03-1968, can any body help me?
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    Re: Signing of Bond before going for B. Ed. Training from Sc

    Sorry, Its a big one n typing the whole memo is really hectic.

    Just collect any Headmasters Manual / School Code from the market and see the 1st order under section Training / B.Ed you will get the order

    That G.O. put conditions for study leave / 3yrs from result or 5 yrs from joining stay at school etc...
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    Education Directorate​

    Memo No: 982 Sc/G, Dated, the 7th March, 1968.

    To: The Heads of all aided Class Xl/ Class X/ Junior High Schools recognised by the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education.

    Sub: Deputation of teachers to Training Colleges.


    (1) The undersigned is directed to state that the Managing Committee of a Class IX/ Class X/ Junior School, Sr. Basic School, Jr. and High Madrasah recognised by the Board may depute to the courses noted below not more than two teachers who are not over 45 years of age on 30th June and have rendered at least one year’s continuous service against a permanent post in the school from which deputed on the 30th June of the year of deputation. Those teachers whose period of service falls short of one year referred to above are also eligible for deputation provided they worked in a recognised secondary school previously for at least 2 years and held permanent posts.
    In respect of teachers deputed to Post-Graduate Basic and Senior Basic Training Courses, they must also have one year’s teaching experience before the commencement of the training courses. It should be noted that no relaxation would be allowed in regard to the last requirement, i.e. requirement with regard to teaching experience.

    1. B. T. Courses of different Universities within the State of West Bengal (For Graduate teachers).
    2. B. Ed. Course of the Visva-Bharati University (For Graduate teachers).
    3. Diploma in Physical Education Course (For Graduate teachers).
    4. Diploma in Home Science Course of the Viharilal Mitra Institute.
    5. Post-Graduate Diploma in Home Science Course of the Viharilal Mitra Institute (For those women teachers who have obtained the Diploma in Home Science).
    6. Certificate Course in Physical Education (For Under-graduate men and women teachers).
    7. Post-Graduate Basic Training Course (For Graduate teachers)
    8. Senior Basic Training Course (For Under Graduate teachers)

    The age-limit of teachers, as mentioned above, may be released in the following cases:
    (i) Science Graduate;
    (ii) Headmaster/Headmistress and teachers with Honours or Masters's Degrees;
    (iii) Where there is no teacher in the school younger in age satisfying conditions of eligibility as in Para 1;
    (iv) Teachers recommended by the Departmental Selection Committee.

    But in no case will this age-limit exceed 50 years on the 30th June of the year of deputation.

    (2) It may be noted that a teacher whose deputation was approved on a previous occasion but who had failed at the B.T. Examination shall not be eligible for further deputation.
    It may also be noted that a teacher who underwent training for B.T., Basic Training, Home Science Training etc. shall not be eligible for further training to other courses mentioned under Para 2.
    The application of a teacher, whose deputation was approved on a previous occasion but who had to discontinue his studies on grounds of health or on other cogent grounds may, however, be considered on its own merit.


    (3) A teacher who satisfies the above conditions and has secured admission to a Training College may submit an application to the Director of Public Instruction. West Bengal, for the sanction of the deputation in the enclosed form through the Secretary to the Managing Committee of the School so as to reach the office of the Directorate within ten days of the teacher’s securing admission to a Training College. It should be noted carefully that the deputation of a teacher who has not secured admission to a Training College will not be considered.

    The form should be accompanied with—
    (i) A copy of the resolution of the Managing Committee deputing the teacher.
    (ii) The agreement forms duly signed by the teacher and the school authorities concerned.

    N. B.: An application to the Director of Public Instruction, West Bengal, for the sanction of deputation should not be confused with an application for admission to a Training College. A teacher desiring to undergo training should apply separately direct to the Training College where he/she seeks admission according to the rules of admission of that College. It should also be noted that the Director does not undertake the responsibility of securing a seat for any teacher.
    A teacher, whose deputation was sanctioned by the Board or by the Director of Public Instruction on a previous occasion but who was not admitted to a College, will have to apply afresh in terms of this circular for sanction of his/her deputation during the current session.


    (4) The Director of Public Instruction, West Bengal will pay the deputed teacher of a school such pay is admissible if deputation is approved.


    (5) The deputed teacher's admissible pay as per clause (4) above, will be paid by the Directorate of Public Instruction, West Bengal through the Principal of a Training College where he /she is a student, for disbursement.


    (6) If a deputed teacher continues to pay his/her share to the Provident Fund during the period of deputation, the school should also continue paying its own contribution to the fund.


    (7) If the work of a deputed teacher cannot be managed by the existing teachers of the School a substitute may be allowed as a special case. The appointment of the substitute teacher should be got approved by the Education Directorate.
    The substitute teacher in the deputation vacancy of a teacher on B. T. Training must not be retained beyond the 15th May or the commencement of the summer vacation whichever is earlier. In the case of deputation vacancy of a teacher deputed to other courses, the substitute teacher should be released as soon as the permanent incumbent returns to his/her duty. When a deputed teacher returns to his/her duty, his/her salary is payable by the school concerned from the date next following the date upto which he/she received his/her deputation allowance from the Training College.
    The teacher should join the school within a week from the date of completion of his/her examination or if a vacation intervenes, immediately on the day the school reopens. The period which the teacher may take to join the school (which should not be more than a week as stated above) and also the period of vacation that may intervene should be treated as periods spent on duty.


    (8) The deputed teacher on his/her own part should give a written undertaking in non -judicial stamped paper worth Rs. 1.50 in each case in the prescribed form to serve the school from which he/she is deputed for a period of at least 5 (five) years from the date of his/her joining the school after completion of the training period or for 3 (three) years from the date of his/her passing the Examination, whichever is shorter. If a teacher fails to comply with the terms of the aforesaid written undertaking, the Director of Public Instruction, West Bengal, may direct the said teacher to refund the entire amount received by him/her as deputation allowance to Government.

    N. B.—No teacher should be released unless the orders of the Directorate have been secured.
    If the Managing Committee of an aided school is not agreeable to place a trained teacher in the proper scale, the undertaking given by the deputed teacher shall not be enforceable and the Directorate may, in that case, direct the school to release the teacher concerned from the services of the school so that he/she may render his/her service in another aided school recognised by the Board.

    (9) If a teacher intends to join another school before the expiry of the above stipulated period, he/she can do so only if the Managing Committee permits and the Directorate agrees, his/her case for prior permission should be forwarded to the Directorate by the Managing Committee of the School together with a resolution of the Managing Committee that it has no objection to releasing the teacher from the services of the school. The Managing Committee should not, however, recommend release of such a teacher to take up a post other than that of a teacher in recognised school. Each case will, however, be decided by the Directorate on its merit.

    (10) A teacher who is on deputation, should be treated as on duty and his/her status must not be disturbed during the period of deputation.

    Sd/- S. C. Ray
    for Director of Public Instruction, West Bengal.
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    Re: Signing of Bond before going for B. Ed. Training from Sc

    @ somjyoti:Was the facility of MUTUAL TRANSFER for School Teachers, for whom this orders are applicable, available in the year 2009? As per my knowledge the rules regarding mutual transfer have been framed and notified during 2010-2012. Please go through the rules regarding mutual transfer of aided school teachers available here: . You will find that the application forms of the applicants have to be countersigned by his/her school authorities. There is no provision clarifying the situation when the school authorities refuse to countersign the application. The applicant will surely be in the receiving end. There is nothing much to do to resolve the issue as per the GOs in vogue. My sympathy lies with such unfortunate souls.
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    Thanks for suggestion. Any more suggestion from any one is gladly accepted.
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    I have visited D.I. Office today. He is also saying that he have nothing to do, in this respect only Managing Committee has the power. Please suggest me, what I do.
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    I met Mr. Chittaranjan Mondal, Chairman, SSC. He told that he has nothing to do about this matter as there is specific G.O. He can't break the rules. We also met Mr. Bedanga...., Joint Secretary, SSC, He also replied the same. In this position to whom we shall put our grievance.
  14. Re: Signing of Bond before going for B. Ed. Training from Sc

    Can anyone change his school through SSC examination before completing his course? He is undergoing 2 year B.Ed. course from IGNOU for last six months and now he has been invited for School Service Commission Personality test in this month. Will there be any problem to change his school? Is he bound to serve the School for 3 years as he has not completed the course yet? He appeared in the SSC exam to convert his scale from pass to H/PG. Please Clarify. Thanks in advance.

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