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    Can anyone inform me what legal implications are there if authorities fail to conduct review of
    duration of suspension for revoking or extending within 90 days of imposition as well as review of quantum
    of subsistence allowance . As per central rules failure to review within 90 days renders the suspension invalid after 90 days, and it cannot be revived by passing any order subsequently. What I want to know is what about
    west bengal govt service rules? Does failure to review affect suspension after 90 days the same way as central rules ?
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    No, there is no such rule under the Govt. of W.B. If the suspension is not lifted then it will be reviewed after 90 days. If it is more than 90 days then the next review will be after 180 days. The order was passed vide Memo No. 9266-F(P) Dated 16.11.2012. However, this is very unfortunate that seldom the government departments obey this order.
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