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    IS there any rule regarding a students attendance for a primary school? if a student does not attend school for a long period (say for 3-4 months) what steps should be appropriate? generally these students study in another primary/nursery they are not real dropout...
  2. Dear friend,
    Children may be divided in to three types :- 1. who is reading now - regular student. 2. who dose not take admission till now at any school- never enrolled child.3. long absenty. in that cases if a student dose not attend the school continuously 3 months then he/she will be treated as drop out student. If the student come again by any way such as guardian wish, motivated by V.E.C. or any teacher or others. at that that time she/he will be treated as repeater student.
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    @Asit Baran Pal
    thanks you my friend for your reply. i thought repeater means a student repeating same class in the next year. friend how will the drop out student be treated in the attendance register/school records? what if a student is already admitted to another school?
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    we are help less here. there is no rules to allow them in the same class. According to Govt. eyes remedial class, special teaching etc. will solve this problems. para teachers will repair that inferiority. School will arrange special arrangement to achieve their minimum level of learning. But we all know what is our actual situation.I hope future will say how shall we reach our goal.

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