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Discussion in 'Opinion' started by Tarun, Oct 17, 2014.

  1. Tarun

    Tarun Member

    Can I request to our respected and efficient members to start a topic like STUDY MATERIAL of class X & XII of W.B Gov.'s syllabus in Bengali ?
    Examination of those classes are very important of Bengali medium students in W.B. Where as no sites are available like this (pl. inform if available).
    It will be very helpful for Bengali medium students. ........
    Thanking you,
  2. b_roy

    b_roy Well-Known Member

    A very good proposal. A separate segment may be started and our learned school teachers friend of particular subject may help. more discussion are invited.
  3. nemo

    nemo Staff Member

    If "Examination Guide" section is renamed as "Examination Guide/ Study Materials", will it serve the purpose?

    accordingly the description of the section name is also to be changed.
  4. b_roy

    b_roy Well-Known Member

    Yes. That sounds good. We just need be little more active.
  5. Deba25

    Deba25 Novice

    Friends, already we have a segment named 'EXAMINATION GUIDE' we can use this segment all in one purpose,i.e (for students and competi.exam) exam news,study material,sample set question papers,study tips,useful ways of success for compet.exam,guide books etc....thanks

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