Submission date of PF for the year 2016 in case of Schools

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  1. Submission date of PF for the year 2016 in case of Schools in W.B.
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    1) Every school has a school PF ledger, there the total amount of all staff is calculated and it is submitted to the A.I. office or PF section of the DI office.
    2) HM/TIC reports along with this main Ledger and countersigned by the AI or by the same responsible person. The school ledger should be updated every year.
    3) There are another individual ledger is made by the School. It also updated by school with interest calculation and informed to the employee and signed by the employee.
    4). When an incumbent takes refundable, non-refundable advance or at the time of superannuation, his/her personal ledger, requisite papers along with forwarding letter is submitted to the AI office or PF section of the DI office for disburse the amount.
    Now there is a question from your end -
    . The year will be financial year i.e. 2014-15,2015-16 etc. not only for 2016. Clearly write where do you want to submit and which Ledger- school or personal. I think you want to say about school ledger. The date is asked/ fixed by the concern office.
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    our school does not give us any personal statement of PF.... how can I convince our HM to do so.?