TET RLST - Admit Card Lost

Discussion in 'Management' started by krishmondal, Mar 5, 2015.

  1. krishmondal

    krishmondal Novice

    I had passed RLST SSC exam. As govt have decided to give TET certificate, I am an eligible candidate unfortunately I have Lost my admit card of it (I have no Xerox copy even). But I have the very roll no and register no. I have checked my status. Will I have any problem as I have no admit card. . Or what should I do? Please reply.
  2. b_roy

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    You may lodge an FIR with the local police station. And hope you have keep a copy of the status. I don't think there will be any problem. You may remember once the admit card of primary TET was required and duplicate admit cards were given from the DPSC. So don't worry. Hope every thing will be all right.
  3. krishmondal

    krishmondal Novice

    Then I will lodge a general diary and keep the copy? I had called regional office. They said( not confidently) I may send my application to central region. Thank u dada ..

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