Transfer of GPF due to Mutual Transfer

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  1. Through mutual transfer I transfer from one school to another school. Now how can I transfer my GPF from my old school to new school.
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    Re: transfer of GPF

    1) Apply to your S/A
    2) The school will give you an amount of GPF deposited by you by cheque.
    3) You will deposit the cheque in your own Bank Account.
    Now you may deposit yourself or through your school.
    2) Collect T.R.Form-7 (4 copies), fill up with the help of Treasury Officer [ Present place, He will give the information for column no. 2b (treasury code )and 3 ( A/C number)]
    3) Now, go to Bank and deposit the amount with 4 copies of form by cash or cheque. Bank will give one copy to depositor.(Two will send to the treasury,the rest will kept for their record.)
    4) The incumbent submit the copy to the school and a xerox should be kept in his own custody.
    5) New school add the amount in your P.F.Ledger and ready to calculation for interest all together.( If the deposit is done within 16 th day of the month then the interest start from this month.)
    Thanks a lot.
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    final calculation of GPF amount in old school should be done upto which date i.e date of release or at the end of financial year? in case of district change will the interest be added for current year?
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    It is depends on the date of cheque released date.
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    transfer of GPF rule which is above, not only for mutual transfer cases , it may the procedure for any kind of P.F. Transfer of School teacher. May be differ way to transfer of P.F. of school teacher of different district.

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