Two Degrees at a Time

Discussion in 'Higher Study' started by krishmondal, May 28, 2015.

  1. krishmondal

    krishmondal Novice

    I'm a primary teacher .I have done m.a in distance mode in 2011-14 and d.el.ed in 2012-14 (odl mode )... r my degrees valid? Please suggest
  2. sourishjal

    sourishjal Staff Member

    Two degrees simultaneously in the same year from two different universities means you were registered for two different universities in the same year. How could that be possible? It could not because you could not be present in person in two different places at the same moment. Generally, this is the logic behind the denial in acceptance of two degrees in the same academic sessions. But, two things may go in your favour. One, M.A. was an academic degree while the other one, a professional degree, a mandatory one conducted by the your employment authorities, and both the courses were done through distance mode. Two, even the UGC has given the go-ahead to acquiring two simultaneous degrees as per the following link: Last but not the least, The D.I./S.I. could be persuaded on the pretext that you could avoid non of the degrees/courses as they were essential at that point of time.
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  3. krishmondal

    krishmondal Novice

    Thank you dada. ..
    As UGC has granted one regular and one open/ distance , then logically should not have problem In my case. Isn't ?
    There was no obligation to present any class in the concerned burdwan university. And Wb govt has arranged the procedure of d.el.ed course. . There was no jumble up in two course most probably ( I mean
    my presence in two different places)..
    If I show two degrees simultaneously , will have I problem? And IF I hide one degree ( obviously which is not important for the purpose) will have I problem? Please reply. ..
  4. sourishjal

    sourishjal Staff Member

    Not at all, by any means. You are not going to have any problem in showing the degrees after the nod of UGC.
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  5. krishmondal

    krishmondal Novice

    Blessed dada
  6. sourishjal

    sourishjal Staff Member

    You are most welcome, bhaai. Now, keep working being free from tension. Write or post if you have any other problem in future. We are always right there to lend a helping hand.
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  7. mihiracharya

    mihiracharya Staff Member

    To get 2 degree at a time, find it......

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  8. sourishjal

    sourishjal Staff Member

    Many, many thanks Mihir Da. You are really one of a kind from the perspective of G.O.s and information.
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  9. mihiracharya

    mihiracharya Staff Member

    Thank you very much. I try to help only.......
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  10. asif

    asif Staff Member

    A friend in need, a friend indeed.:)
    Thank you sir.
  11. A_Mallik

    A_Mallik Novice

    I am assistant teacher in honours scale. I joined in a higher secondary school on 07.12.2013. If I do M.Sc from Burdwan University through distance mode in 2015-17 session and B.Ed in regular/distance mode(any one ) in 2016-18 session. any problem will arise ?
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  12. sourishjal

    sourishjal Staff Member

    No. You won't have to face any problem. You can pursue both the courses in the same academic year. You better follow the entire discussion under the link: and don't forget to download all the necessary files attached to the discussion. But, remember one thing, you should get admitted to a B.ed. course at least, if cannot get the said course completed by 31st march, 2016. You must give priority to the B.Ed. course because it will be a mandatory degree for a teacher after the date mentioned above as per the relaxation provided by the ministry of Human Resource Development of India.
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  13. navya

    navya Novice

    Then is it possible to two degrees at same academic years
  14. mihiracharya

    mihiracharya Staff Member

    There is no mention that which one will get priority according the SSC.
  15. gpgarain

    gpgarain Following You. Staff Member

    See the Latest Notification (15-01-2016) on this issue => Click Here
  16. Charan Das

    Charan Das Novice

    Those who have already done MA and B.ED( distance -distance /distance-regular) simultaneously before 2016, what will be happen to them?
  17. Alinachhetri

    Alinachhetri Novice

    Want to know is it still valid of doing two course at a same time.

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