Washing Allowances Of Nursing Staff And Income Tax

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    W.A for a nurshing staff is a taxable income ? Is it less Exempted allowances u/s 10 or not ?
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    It is taxable. I don't think it has been exempted.:rolleyes:
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    Certain allowances given by the employer to the employee are exempt u/s 10(14). All these exempt allowance are detailed in Rule 2BB of Income-tax Rules and are briefly given below:

    For the purpose of Section 10(14)(i), following allowances are exempt, subject to actual expenses incurred:

    (i) Allowance granted to meet cost of travel on tour or on transfer.
    (ii) Allowance granted on tour or journey in connection with transfer to meet the daily charges incurred by the employee.
    (iii) Allowance granted to meet conveyance expenses incurred in performance of duty, provided no free conveyance is provided.
    (iv) Allowance granted to meet expenses incurred on a helper engaged for performance of official duty.
    (v) Academic, research or training allowance granted in educational or research institutions.
    (vi) Allowance granted to meet expenditure on purchase/ maintenance of uniform for performance of official duty.

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