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    This topic is created to explain your responsibilities as a member of our forum. By following these rules, we ensure that our board runs smoothly and without problems.

    1. Very Important

    a. No Spamming.
    b. No personal or racial attack.
    c. No duplicate content.

    2. Important

    a. Create Topic / Post in appropriate Forum.
    b. Do not hijack a topic.
    c. Please try to use English language only.
    d. Do not use CAPSLOCK.
    e. Do not post just to say, Thank you. Use "Like" instead.

    3. Suggestion

    a. Do not post your contact number.
    b. Do not address a particular person to reply.
    c. Check your spelling.

    4. Caution

    a. Do not create multiple account. If you already have, ask Board Administrator to merge accounts.
    b. Do not misuse "Like" feature.
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