When I have to join school?

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  1. Dear Sir / Madam,
    I have just completed the B. Ed program through wbuttepa. The last date of exam is 4th June, 2018. When shall I join my school? I want to know the exact date of joining. Please give me the supporting G.O. if available.
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  2. mihiracharya

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    Generally the date will be on 2nd July,2018 (as 1st July is SUNDAY). But you have written, that your exam. is over on 4th June'18. Have you received a"release order" from your college? You must join your school the next day of the "released date (mentioned )" from your college. Because, in the appointment by the SA and approval letter of the deputed (if any) candidate (s) issued by the DIS, there is mentioned the termination date of service (30/06/2018).
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  3. Respected Sir,
    Till now I have not received "release order" from my college. Moreover our school is closed now because of summer vacation. So I earnestly request you to upload supporting documents regarding this matter. Please note that the last date of Practicum exam of wbuttepa is 23rd June, 2018. Thanks again.
  4. mihiracharya

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    After receiving the release order from your college. Regarding this matter you may ask in your college / university.

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