Why we shall not get DA?

Discussion in 'Grievance' started by asif, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. asif

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    West Bengal employees are not likely to get any new Dearness Allowance in near future. They are already lagging behind 20% in respect of the Central and neighboring state Govt. employees. W.B. Finance Minister yesterday expressed his inability to grant further installment of D.A. He was talking to the representative of the staff unions. Due to the current gloomy condition of state economy, the remaining part of pay commission arrears also can not be disbursed now, said the union representatives, quoting the F.M.
    The centre is likely to announce fresh installment of D.A. @7% with effect from 1st July current year , the differences is going to soar up 27%.
    In the time of high price rise and inflation, the employees find it very difficult to manage their livelihood without the Dearness Allowance and the Congress led association threatens agitation. The CPI(M) influenced Co ordination Committee, the largest association of the state Govt. employees was not invited in this meeting.

    Source: http://paycommissionupdate.blogspot.in/2012/06/no-da-for-bengal-employees-at-present.html
  2. Achha, eta ki thik j state govt employee der DA r taka central govt. dey? Amader j sob state govt. employee ra achhen tander DA'r taka naki already chole esechhe? Jehetu state govt. enhanced DA school teacher, municipality, panchayet, retired person der o eki bhabe den tai baki takar sonogsthan na howatei ei aprapty? Please ektu janan.
  3. bruce

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    We will get D.A.
  4. adil85

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    Really Mr.Bruce? A dream comes true? How you will get the D.A when the D.A money is distributed to the people of Singur in form of pension? How can you expect D.A when the money is given to hundreds of so called shilpis who are already beneficiaries during the last Government? How can you get D.A when a minister of the Government spends several lakhs of rupees for decoration of his office chamber? D.A is now like a lottery......be happy if you get it and cry and curse if you do not get it. The chances of former is less and latter one more. Government employees be thank ful to God that you are getting the salary. A time may come that you may not get your salary like the employees of Bihar Government who get salary after 3/4 months and that too in installments.
  5. donyi_polo

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    Yes, it comes in the purview of state central relationship.
  6. kayshikr

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    Please elaborate it a little bit, will you?
  7. BIKU

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    It comes under the head Administrative Cost only for GOVT EMPLOYEES whenever the CG declared DA . WB Govt used to accumulate it for some period and then declare the same among all employees under local bodies/GA etc. But BJP Govt has stopped to allot same from the date of DA. Now the administrative cost is being alloted by the Govt. as and when state govt declares DA.
  8. kayshikr

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    Does it mean the Central Govt. bears the 'administrative cost' (or the extra burden for additional hike in DA) for state Govt. employees and all the local authority staff as well as the school employees of all the states? The State only has to formally announce the DA hike! Then what is stopping the state from declaring the same?
  9. BIKU

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    No, the CG only bears the additional financial burden for the STATE GOVT EMPLOYEES! Not for Aided Schools,Local bodies...
  10. donyi_polo

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    I agree with Biku.
    The States are greatly dependent on the Centre for subsidies & contributions to remove the imbalance between financial insufficiency (revenue sources) and responsibilities. Financial assistance from the Central Govt. is needed to meet up the requirement when there is deficiency in revenue earning. Salary, wages, payment of Contributory Provident Fund contributions, terminal benefits including gratuity and leave salary, office expenses etc. come under the sub-head Establishment Expenses in the main head Non-plan non-development revenue expenditure. In addition to the Plan Expenditures, release of central fund is also required to compensate the deficiencies in Non-plan expenditures. Financial assistance is given to the state by the Central Govt. for payment of DA (part of salary) to the state govt. employees. See the following attachment:

    Central Govt. does not bear entire administrative costs incurred for state employees. A small part of the expenses comes from the Centre according to the guidelines of the Planning Commission and, rest to be borne by the states. It is hoped that the gap in DA between central and WB govt. employees may be bridged after 2/3 yrs as per the agreement with the Centre on FRBM Act. As far as I know most of the states have complied with the terms & conditions of the Act. WB was slow to react.
  11. donyi_polo

    donyi_polo Active Member

    Dear members,
    Is it mandatory for the govt. of WB to adopt the same formula for computation of DA as considered by the Centre for its employees??
  12. bithi_dutta

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    Good communications for development of a good concept.
    Regarding equalization of DA, I can say that we can hope for the best from govt. side!
  13. 10moy

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    • We can doing nothing except hope for the worse best.

      সরকারী খুড়োর কল এর মতো আর কি
    Three Idiots --- "AAALL ISSS NOT WELL"
  14. parban

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    We shall NOT get DA because we are NOT in the target group the new Govt. wants to help. I think its clear to all who are getting money and who are being deprived.The D A gap between State and Centre employees may rise to 100% or 200% - it matters little to the current State Govt. Who cares for rule of law in West Bengal? We were in frying pan and now in fire!
  15. ssroy

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    Central govt has announced 10% D.A. for their employees and we the employees of w.b. govt will have a difference of 38% of D.A. now from the central employees. Why all the employee unions are silent in this matter mainly the union based on ruling party. Is it not their duty to see the welfare of the employees? They should immediately make a protest and pressurize the govt. To hike the D.A. at least 15% to make the state employees feel a little better. As the market is rising everyday its need immediate action.
  16. sidd7hartha

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    Dear friends, State Govt. is depriving his actual employees. Do not have any way out from this situation?

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